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The future of decentralized
cross-border parcel delivery.

The world’s first blockchain-powered
parcel network.

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Global cross-border e-commerce is a $1 trillion market with parcel deliveries growing 30% yearly.

The current service providers suffer from a trade-off between efficiency (time and service quality) and cost.

ParcelX is the "AirBnB" of cross‑border parcel delivery.

ParcelX aims to create a cross-border parcel delivery ecosystem where anyone or service provider can trust and participate through revolutionary blockchain technology. We are creating a new Blue Ocean market with blockchain technology.

It will remove inefficiency, data opacity, and high costs from one of the world's oldest industries:cross-border logistics.

Scaling up a successful existing business.

Scaling up a successful existing business.

ParcelX is a logistics network with an established market base in China, Korea and Japan. It possesses years of experience connecting cross-border e-commerce delivery providers, including 30 global air carriers and 20 national postal system platforms. ParcelX has exclusive ownership of ports China, with overseas warehouses at Japan and Korea.

A first-mover in adopting blockchain technology and token economics.

A first-mover in adopting blockchain technology and token economics.

We use blockchain technology to harness unutilized capacity from domestic delivery providers, removing inefficiency, data opacity, and high costs from geographically distant nodes.

ParcelX token economics will build value for early adopters & partners, welcoming every player to participate and empowering them to focus on their core competencies.

ParcelX will completely change the rules of the industry by rebuilding pricing, processes, and the service experience from the ground up.


Team & Advisors

Management Team


ParcelX Team have developed technologies for major top-notch companies:



Big Data / AI / Machine Learning
  • Begin ParcelX Network planning, development, and sandbox deployment.
  • ParcelX v1 beta ready.
  • Begin migrating existing business to the ParcelX Network.
  • Complete beta operations and expect stable & quality service.
  • Intensify business development campaign.
  • Network reaches scale with more than 5million/month parcel volume.
  • Begin data-driven optimization and value-add service planning.
  • Refine ParcelX Network with AI & machine learning
  • Start beta testing of technology-driven value-add service
  • Premium service roll-out
  • B2C services roll-out
  • Planning of IoT integration when 5G adoption is widespread

Token Sale

GPX is the token issued by the ParcelX Platform.
It provides four main utility functions for all ParcelX Network stakeholders.

Network effect

Network effect

The key indicators of measuring ParcelX network effect are the increase in the parcel volume (GMV) and its market share. Aiming to reach 34% of the market share at the end of year 3.